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Expert Tankless Water Heater Installation in Hudson, NH

If you want a water heater that could save power and money, a tankless water system is a great idea! A tankless water system is different from a conventional hot water heater because it only heats the water when it’s being used.

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Let Us Do Your Tankless Water Heater Installation in Hudson, NH

Most people have a storage water heater because they don’t know what a tankless water heater is. The tankless system is smaller, and it doesn’t have a tank needed to heat the water.

With the tankless water heater, you can get your hot water quicker. This can help to save on your electricity bill, because you won’t have to wait for a tank of water to heat before you can use it.

Without a tank, you might worry that you won’t have hot water. With tankless water installation in Hudson, NH, you can have up to 5 gallons of hot water each minute. 

That’s more than a traditional electric water heater. There are multiple reasons to get a tankless water system, such as:

  1. To save space or if you have a small area.
  2. To save water.
  3. To lower your electricity bill.

These are great reasons to get your tankless system. If you have a larger family and need more hot water, our tankless heaters come in different sizes. 

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Want Tankless Water Heater Installation in Hudson, NH?

As mentioned, there are many benefits of choosing a tankless water heater instead of a conventional water heater. Here are some of the reasons that customers choose tankless:

  1. Tankless water heaters can help to save electricity which means you can save money on your electricity bill. No tank means that the water is not heating more than is needed.
  2. The tankless water heater means that you can use this even when you don’t have a lot of space. This can be mounted to your ceiling, walls or even the floor to save space.
  3. Most of these units run on natural gas or propane.
  4. These are more expensive at first, but you will save more money in the long run on your electricity bills and with water heater repairs.
  5. The water is always hot for you when you need it. These are sometimes called instant water heaters.

These are just a few of the benefits that choosing a tankless water heater can give you. You can also choose between an electrical or gas tankless water heater. There are differences between each of these sources. Gas tankless water heaters usually cost less to work and it will last longer than an electrical one, but they can start to shut off automatically if scale builds up. Their electrical counterparts are more efficient with hot water, but use a lot more power.

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