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Although repairs can be helpful for minor issues to your water heater, sometimes its best not not take chances.  As you may have read elsewhere, a faulty water heater has the potential to cause serious water damage to your home, and if your water heater is too damaged or too old, then its time to go ahead and replace the whole thing.  If you notice any of these traits with your water heater, consider giving us a call for a water heater replacement in Nashua, NH.

  • Hot water tank is leaking
  • Strange noises from your water tank
  • Hot water runs out quickly when in use
  • Murky water coming from faucets


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The Best Water Heater Installation in Nashua, NH

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. Not only is it a source of modern comfort, but you might use it more than you realize.

Whether it’s dishes, laundry, or showers, you need hot water. Over time, your unit might get damaged and need a water heater replacement in Nashua, NH. Of course, you might also want the benefits of an upgrade.

Whatever the case, it might help to know what your options are. We always recommend hiring a professional. Robert Johnson Plumbing has an experienced team that knows all about water heaters.

There are a lot of water heaters out there, with some being more effective for larger homes. The difference in efficiency can save or cost you money on electricity and water every month.

Not only can we help protect your wallet, but we can handle the replacement and connection process. You deserve access to hot water anytime you need it.

Since your water heater can become less efficient, you’ll need water heater installation in Nashua, NH someday. When that happens, call 603-616-2118 today and schedule your free inspection!

Need Water Heater Replacement in Nashua, NH?

We’ve been doing water heater replacement in Nashua, NH for a long time. Our team has seen almost any situation to fix or replace, but we don’t live with you. That’s why we want to make sure you know what to watch for, so that you know when it’s time to call us. With that in mind, here are some of the most common signs that your water heater needs to be replaced:

  1. Most appliances make some kind of sounds but listen for odd sounds from your water heater. If it’s banging, popping, or sounding weird at all, you should call us. Especially if you live in an area with hard water, it could mean that sediments have formed inside your unit and are causing damage to the tank.
  2. The water isn’t getting hot, or the hot water cuts out. Either one of these could mean that there’s a serious issue with your water heater.
  3. If your glassware is coming out of the dishes with a film on it, your water heater might have problems. You’ll also want to watch for rust-colored water, because it could mean that the anode rode in your unit has worn out.
  4. Pooling water at the base of your water heater is a bad sign. Your water heater can start to leak through small cracks along the tank, which could lead to flooding inside your home. Considering tanks can hold up to 50 gallons of water, you’ll want a water heater replacement in Nashua, NH if you notice that.

Those aren’t all of the reasons for getting a new water heater, but they’re definitely a good place to start. If your water heater is getting old or you spot any issues, it might be time. It’s not as simple as that, though. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking the right water heater for your home. We’ll help you with each choice, but here are a few things to consider before you call:

How big is your home and family? More people use more hot water, and larger homes typically need more access to the water heater. This can determine the size that you’ll need, like a 50-gallon tank or a large tankless water heater installation in Nashua, NH.

How much do you want to spend? Your budget plays a role in any home improvement upgrade. Traditional electric water heaters can cost around $450 annually, but a gas one might be closer to $250. The U.S. Department of Energy found that tankless water heaters can save you $108 a year on average.

A big part of cost comes down to efficiency. Electric types tend to be more efficient heating your water, so you’ll wait less for hot water. Though, you won’t have to wait at all with a tankless water heater. Higher-rated Energy Star units could save you half the energy costs, so we’ll recommend the best model.

You’ll have to decide between fuel sources. Whether you want a conventional or tankless water heater replacement in Nashua, NH, you’ll have to decide between electric or gas power. Some modern units can operate on solar power or even use a heat pump to save energy, so there’s a lot to think about.

We don’t expect you to know about every water heater in existence. With so many types of water heaters and features, our experts will help you narrow down your search. We’ll recommend the top water heater installation in Nashua, NH from reliable manufacturers to give you constant hot water. To get started with your free inspection and estimate, give us a call today at 603-616-2118!

We Know Water Heater Installation in Nashua, NH

The different energy sources for your water heater replacement in Nashua, NH can play a big role in the cost. Gas water heaters can run on propane or natural gas, while electric ones are self-explanatory. The former can last longer and cost less over time, because gas water heaters don’t usually need as many repairs. However, electric water heaters can heat water faster and are considered more efficient overall.

Most homeowners have a storage water heater. These are the water heaters with a tank that can hold up to 80 gallons, with the smaller tanks holding 30 gallons. They’re always running to keep the water heated, which means passive energy use. One reason that people might consider tankless water heater replacement in Nashua, NH is because it only uses electricity when you’re running water.

However, the storage water heater is conventional. These have different tank sizes, which are generally purposed for different home and family sizes. The average adult can get by with a small water tank, while a family can go through 40- or 50-gallons. One way to keep your storage water heater running smoothly is with a routine inspection and water heater repair.

When you call our experts about your inspection, we’ll check the entire unit. One key part that we always look at is the pressure relief valve, which keeps your water from getting too hot. We’ll also flush out your water heater’s tank to get rid of any sediments that have built up. We recommend having this done twice a year, especially in areas with hard water, for the best efficiency from your water heater replacement in Nashua, NH.

There are a lot of pros and cons to getting different types of water heaters. From tankless water heaters and multiple fuel sources to the cost of use, it’s important to make the right choice for your home and family. That’s why we want you to know more about the most common water heater. It’s less expensive to install a traditional water heater than a tankless one. While the latter can save over time, it also requires a completely new installation up-front.

Storage water heaters are also built to be sturdy, so they need fewer repairs over the years. These repairs can add up, so you’ll save big on maintenance. Plus, when a storage water heater does need patched up, it’s usually cheaper to do so. However, there are also a few major points to getting a tankless water heater installation in Nashua, NH:

  1. Some modern storage water heaters are smaller, but tankless water heaters still take up less space. They have no water tank to make room for in your home, so you’ll maximize the use of your home. Plus, tankless water heaters can be mounted to stay off the floor.
  2. If you’re concerned about hot water for a larger family, you can get more than one tankless water heater in your home.
  3. Tankless water heaters are newer, so they’re built to last longer. With routine maintenance, your tankless unit can last at least 20 years, while storage water heaters usually only go 10 or 15 years.
  4. Tankless water heaters are considered “instant” because there’s no tank to heat. You’ll have continuous hot water when you need it. This makes them more efficient than storage water heaters, though electric tankless water heaters tend to use a lot more electricity than electric storage water heaters.

There are pros and cons to either type of water heater, so it might help to have our experience and expertise. Robert Johnson Plumbing is happy to answer any questions and help you get the most out of your water heater installation in Nashua, NH. Call our experts today at 603-616-2118 and get started with your free inspection and estimate!

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