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Top Water Heater Repair in Bedford, NH

Your water heater is responsible for a lot in your home. From dishes and laundry to a nice shower, you need hot water in your daily life. Over time, though, your water heater can wear out or lose efficiency.

It could be from age or wear and tear, but there are signs to watch for that your water heater needs help:

  • Your water’s discolored or murky
  • Drains and pipes make odd sounds
  • Water doesn’t stay hot or takes too long to heat up
  • The tank makes banging noises
  • Water pools near the tank

All of these could mean that your water heater needs help. Whether it’s repairs or a water heater replacement, call us today at 603-616-2118 to schedule your inspection and estimate!

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Experienced Water Heater Repair in Bedford, NH

The water heater in your home does a lot, so it can get worn down over the years. Because we rely on hot water for much, Robert Johnson Plumbing wants to make sure that your water heater is giving you the best results. Unfortunately, a lot of people put off a routine inspection and let minor issues grow. This can lead to more expensive repairs or even a water heater replacement, but we can help.

If something gets in your water tank, it can wreak havoc on the appliance. This is especially cause for concern in areas with hard water. Calcium can collect at the bottom of your water heater and form sediments that damage the insides of the tank. Hard water can also clog your pipes, so it’s best to let us flush your system at least once a year. We’ll clean out the water tank and check for other signs of damages.

The reason that hard water is such a problem is because calcium is more concentrated. We’ll also check the pressure relief valve on your water heater. Since this keeps your water’s temperature from getting too hot and burning you, it’s good to work with a professional. You could save with water heater repair in Bedford, NH, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 603-616-2118 and schedule an inspection!

Trust Your Water Heater Repair in Bedford, NH

There are also a lot of benefits that can come from letting us fix your water heater. Not only can we flush out your tank and keep it running smoothly, but we can improve the efficiency.

It’s also a matter of safety, because we care about our customers. By letting our team of experts work on your water heater, we can protect you and your wallet from expensive water heater replacement.

A common cause for water heater repair in Bedford, NH is sediments in your tank. That, or age, can cause your water heater to lose efficiency and increase your electric bill. 

Of course, we might also recommend upgrading with a tankless water heater installation. You might pay more up front, but they use less power and take up less room in your home.

We can handle whatever water heater needs you have. Robert Johnson Plumbing has the experience you can trust, so call 603-616-2118 and schedule your inspection and estimate today!

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Robert was great he was here within two hours of our initial phone call. Had the work done in under three hours! Even cleaned up after himself.

-Cara C.

Very efficient and effective communicator. Quick to respond to any question. Did a great job installing our new tank and was professional and friendly.

-Lindsey W.

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