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Quality Water Heater Replacement in Bedford, NH

We always recommend a professional for your water heater repairs. While we’ll keep it running as long as possible, there will come a time to replace your water heater. When that happens, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some signs that your water heater might be getting too old or wearing out:

  1. The water tank sounds odd or bangs
  2. Tap water is discolored or dingy
  3. Water pools around the tank
  4. Water doesn’t stay hot or never gets hot enough

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Need Water Heater Replacement in Bedford, NH?

Your water heater gets used more than almost any appliance in your home. That’s because we use hot water more than we realize. Dishes, laundry, shower, bath, you name it.

Unfortunately, the water heater can get overlooked until something happens. When it comes to your water heater repair, even the smallest issue can lead to a replacement if unchecked.

Even if your water heater isn’t damaged or old, you still might want to upgrade. Newer water heaters can be more space- and energy-efficient, like a tankless water heater installation.

One benefit of hiring a professional is that we know water heaters. We’ll recommend the best one for your home and family size. We also know what could save you money on your utility bills.

Bigger tanks can supply more hot water, but they also take up more room. Let our team of experts help with your water heater replacement in Bedford, NH when you call us today at 603-616-2118!

Quick Water Heater Replacement in Bedford, NH

Robert Johnson Plumbing specializes in a number of services for your water heater needs. We’ve got experience with all kinds of models and manufacturers, so you’ll always get quality results. To get started, watch for these issues with your water heater:

  1. The hot water cuts out or water never gets hot.
  2. You notice water gathered around the base of your water heater. There could be a leak, or you could have a flooding problem.
  3. Hard water can be especially dangerous for your water heater. Since it can cause sediments to form inside the tank and cause damages, listen for any banging from your tank. Sediments might not be the culprit, but weird sounds are never a good sign.
  4. Laundry comes out stained yellow.
  5. Glassware has a film after the dishwasher runs. Your water heater has an anode rod to prevent that, so a film or stains could mean it’s gone bad.

All of these problems could mean that you need water heater replacement in Bedford, NH. At the very least, our team can provide water heater repair to extend the life of your appliance. You might also want to know your options to upgrade, especially if your water tank is taking up too much room. Either way, get started today with an estimate when you call us at 603-616-2118!

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Robert was great he was here within two hours of our initial phone call. Had the work done in under three hours! Even cleaned up after himself.

-Cara C.

Very efficient and effective communicator. Quick to respond to any question. Did a great job installing our new tank and was professional and friendly.

-Lindsey W.

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