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Reliable Water Heater Replacement in Windham, NH

Water heaters go through a lot over the years. Our team of experts can help with water heater repair, but eventually you’ll need a new one. When that time comes, you should always use a professional.

Outdated or inefficient water heaters can do more harm than good. Here are some things to watch for:

  1. Odd sounds from your water tank
  2. Water from the tap is murky or smells bad
  3. Particles or sediments in the water
  4. Water pooling near your water heater
  5. Water doesn’t stay hot or takes too long to get hot
If you notice any of these issues or want to schedule an inspection anyway, call us today at 603-616-2118!

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Need Water Heater Replacement in Windham, NH?

The water heater is constantly used for everyday activities. Between the shower, laundry, and dishes, you need hot water in your home. Unfortunately, with so much use, it can become damaged over time.

It could just be from old age. While appliances are built to last a while, nothing lasts forever. Either way, it’s not always easy to spot when your water heater needs replaced.

Whether you need a new one or want to upgrade for the benefits, we’ve got you covered. Robert Johnson Plumbing has a team of experts that can help with anything from water heater repair to replacement.

We’ll recommend the best size water tank for your home and family. We also know the best products that could save you over time. In fact, you might even want a tankless water heater installation.

You can also choose between the power source, like natural gas or electricity. With so many options, you want someone you can trust. We’ve got the experience and knowledge you deserve.

Hot water is essential to your daily life, and you should always have access to it. We can make that happen when you give us a call today at 603-616-2118 for water heater replacement in Windham, NH!

We Do Water Heater Replacement in Windham, NH

When it comes to water heater replacement in Windham, NH, you deserve the best. Robert Johnson Plumbing has worked with all sorts of water heaters, so we know what can go wrong. Here are a few of the common signs that your water heater needs replaced:

  1. Water takes too long to heat up, or it never does get hot. It could also get hot, but the temperature cuts in and out when in use.
  2. You might have a leak or cracked tank if you spot water gathering near the water heater’s base. Since this can also flood your house, it’s a good idea to call us.
  3. Any strange noises from your water heater aren’t a good thing. These could be a pop or sound like something banging around. It could be sediments in your tank, especially if you live somewhere with hard water. These sediments can damage your water heater and get into your water supply.
  4. Stained laundry or glass dishes that look filmy. Your water heater has an anode rod to prevent these issues, so it could go bad.

There’s a chance that you won’t need a complete replacement. We offer routine maintenance on water heaters, too, but we’ll recommend a new one if the damages aren’t cost-efficient. Of course, there are also technological benefits to consider for an upgrade. You could save with a more efficient model, or you might need a bigger tank if your family status has changed. Whatever you need, call us today at 603-616-2118 for an inspection and estimate!

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Robert was great he was here within two hours of our initial phone call. Had the work done in under three hours! Even cleaned up after himself.

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Very efficient and effective communicator. Quick to respond to any question. Did a great job installing our new tank and was professional and friendly.

-Lindsey W.

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